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Bangladesh Hardware Store Deals with all renown brand Cut Off Saw in bd .We supply and Retail all kinds of Cut Off Saw in bd .We Sell all original Cut Off Saw in bd . Cut Off Saw is a very important industrial power tools.Bangladesh hardware Store is a Renown supplier of all industrial Cut Off Saw in Bangladesh at best price in bd market .

A cut off saw is a power tool that used to make straight cuts in wood. It may have features that allow it to cut angles, which makes it a miter saw. A cut of saw is similar in appearance to a circular saw. Most woodworkers or cabinetmakers use cut off saws to make precise square cuts as they are working. There are some types of cut off saws that can also be used to make bevel or angled cuts. We deals with all kinds of best quality Cut Off Saw in Bd.

We all know that BOSCH and DEWALT are very famous brand in Power Tools Sector .Bangladesh Hardware Store Supply and Wholesale bosch and dewalt Cut Off Saw in Bangladesh .

Some Popular Model of Cut Off Saw Details Specification that Deals with Us .

Bosch Cut Off Saw –GC0 200

Input Power – 2000w
Disc Dia – 355 mm
Duty – Heavy Duty
Weight -17 Kg

Dewalt Cut Off Saw –DW720

Input Power -2300 W
Disk Dia – 355 mm
Duty – Heavy
Rpm – 3800

These Two Model are Very necessary in industrial work .Bangladesh Hardware Store supply Both Model BOSCH and Dewalt Cut Off Saw in bd.

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