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Our Bosch measuring tools product list below :

Bosch measuring tools

Our bosch measuring tools details for our clients :

Product name – measuring tools
Product Brand –Bosch

Model – GIC 120 C
Inspection camera – Yes
Display Size – 3.5”
Length of camera cable – 120 cm
Dia of Camera Head – 8.5 mm

Model – GIM 60
Digital leveling Stick – Yes

Model – GLM 100 C
Distance measuring – Yes
Measuring Range – 100 m
Bluetooth Connectivity With Smart Phone –Yes

Model – GLM 40
Distance measuring – Yes
Measuring Range – 40 m

Model – GLM 250 VF UK
Distance measuring – Yes
Measuring Range – 250 m
View Finder – Yes

Model – GR 500
Leveling Staff – yes

Model – GLL 5-50 X
Line Laser – Yes
Laser Line – 5
Working Range – 50m
Self Leveling Range 3D –Yes

Model – GIS 1000 C
Thermal camera -Yes
Temp – Range – 40 to 1000 Dc
Data Transfer Usb and Bluetooth – Yes

Model – BT 150
Tripod For GLM 250 VF –Yes

Model – GRL 300 HV Set
Rotation Leser Level – Yes

Model – D-Tech 120
Max .Delectation Depth – 120 mm
Can Detect Ferrus – Yes
Non Ferrus Materials – Yes
Live Cables – Yes
Wooden Objects –yes
Water Filled Plastic Pipe – Yes

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